realistic digital painting of three people taking a selfie semi-realistic digital painting of two elderly people hugging each other fondly realistic digital portrait of Ashes O'Reilly, a character from dr Carmilla and the Mechanisms universe semi-realistic digital portrait of Nastya Rasputina, a character from dr Carmilla and the Mechanisms universe 3D-cartoon-style digital portrait of Jonny d'Ville, a character from dr Carmilla and the Mechanisms universe
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Welcome, Stranger.


If you have any questions, want to commission me for a specific piece, are interested in tutoring on HTML&CSS or drawing people and characters, or want to hire me for a project - here is ✉ my email address :).


I do digital drawings, mainly portraits & group portraits (realistic & cartoon styles alike), pattern art, and emojis.

I do enjoy capturing dynamic body language in wide variety of human experience. My favourite is the type of horror art that goes for subtle uneasiness, but group dynamics are fun enough to draw even without it.

There's something fascinating in the way the art and its audience have to work together, for the art to vibe.

Site Skins

Applying the same vibe principle to the code was only natural to me. I guess this is what happens when an artist becomes a front-end web developer :).

Look closer at the website skins written by me. This is what the internet could look like, if only we put the immense possibilities of pure coding into use.

That's right, it's pure code - the backgrounds, the textures, the clipart - they were all written by me as code. Not a single image file was used, which means that the result is highly customisable, if you wish to use them on your own website/blog, or even in a browser extention that lets you customise your social media dashboard.

Fan Content Policy

Any and all fan content I create - is created as a commentary and appreciation of the original content it refers to, as per free speech regulations. Additionally, I provide the links to where the related original content can be accessed - if a work of art gave me so much joy that I've decided to make dedicated art to show my appreciation - then the source of my inspiration is certainly worth recommending.

Any and all of my fan-art commentary to the copyrighted content - free for personal use only. It cannot be legally used for commercial purposes, so don't do it :).