work in progress on the Void wesite skin a screenshot of the top part of the Steampunk Pirate website skin a screenshot of the top part of the Steampunk Pirate website skin with the light switch turned on a screenshot of the bottom part of the Leather Journal website skin a screenshot of the bottom part of the Chaotic Academia website skin a screenshot of the Gold Hold skin applied in-browser to Discord website a screenshot of an old Blue Notes website skin
you can try out my website skins below!

see examples of my code work:

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In older versions of browsers, the presented website skins are readable, but very plain. If you wish to see all the features, please update your browser. the CSS skins affect only the visual display of the website, not it's content.

applying the skins

I'm still working on making the code directly applicable to some popular media platforms. Once I do, the code for the skins here - will be avaliable for copy-paste as a list of links in this paragraph. (Please credit me if you use my skins.)

In the meantime, you can inquire about code elements displayed here, or commission ✉ me on a cutom website skin for you!

on the subject of a future coding tutorial

Let's face it - the web could be much easier on the eyes, and take much less data storage space & bandwidth - at the same time.

The code weights much less than graphic files (especially when it's written neatly.) And much easier to individualise, compared to generic stock images that currently fill the internet from every corner.

There's some really solid coding tutorials online already, and I will be praising their work all thorough, linking them as the resources whenever relevant, yes.

There's also some solid gaps between what those tutorials cover.

All in all, it's a project. I will be writing it in a series of smaller articles, and sorting them into a comprehensible directory here. I'll add the button to the menu soon.